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Due to the current pandemic, some listed club events may be tentative at this point.  We’ll keep you updated the best we can.  Also, visit our Facebook page for updates and information.

Stay healthy and keep those stangs tuned up, shined up and ready to drive. 

Quad Cities Mustang Club Since 2010

Our club members have a passion for the Ford Mustang which made its debut on April 17 1964.  Our unique experiences and love for the Mustang have brought us all together to share our passion.  Our group has a collection of both classic and modern day models that we love to show off. 

Where To Find Us

Between all of our members, we have a diverse exciting collection. You can catch us at club sponsored events and car shows as well as our monthly meetings at designated locations each month.


About Us

We are a strictly a volunteer organization.  There are no officers, membership dues or fees.  Let us know if you would like to help out with an event or maybe lead a cruise to your favorite eating place or car show.  Contact our Facebook page

Birthday Drive-by led by the Moline Police Dept


Special parade for a club member's son.


Sitting on the corner is the Birthday boy.

Original-Owner 1970 Boss 302 Has Been Sitting fOR 50 Years


In WI there is a 74 year old original owner of a complete Bright Yellow Boss 302 Mustang. He bought the car new from Zaeski Ford in Union Grove, Wisconsin, in 1970. He drove it 11,530 miles, and then parked it for 50 years.


 Polyglas raised white letter Goodyear tires, mounted on stock rims with mint-condition hub caps and trim rings, were the same F60 x 15's on the car when the owner drove it home from the dealership.

Currently, this Boss 302 remains on its jack stands, but expect the car at shows in the not-too-distant future